Some Products may be unsuitable for your anole. Some products you find in the pet store may be dangerous while others are just downright pointless. Iíll list them for you.


Bad substrate


There are some substrates that may not be good for your anole. If you donít know what that is, itís the floor on the bottom of the cage. Ill talk about the dos and doníts on my Substrate page.



Lighting fixtures


These are lighting fixtures but they look like pieces of wire.

The truth is, there just that. Wire! Theyíre unsuitable because they let too much heat escape. You should use a dome lamp, a light fixture that is all covered. Iíll show you later on my climate page.


Fancy basking bulbs


These bulbs are just pointless. And there not 100% efficient. They give off more UVA than normal indecent bulbs and they donít give of UVB. Combined with a full-spectrum bulb the anole gets too much UVA and not enough UVB. To keep it simple, donít use them.


Mercury vapor and Metal Halide bulbs


These bulbs were originally meant for streetlights, but some dude got a stupid idea and made smaller versions for terrariums. What an idiot.

These bulbs give off heat and UVC. It sounds like a dream come true. But itís notÖ

Why mercury vapor bulbs are bad


These bulbs have a glass tube inside with a crystal envelope around it to block out radiation. But that envelope can crack easily. Yes, if you expose your anole to this kind of lighting it will improve but you would improve too if you took a 24/7 radiation bath. Studies have shown that you should keep your distance from these bulbs. Imagine being a foot away! Also, if these bulbs break, mercury will spill into your tank and poison your poor anoles.


Why metal halide bulbs are bad


These bulbs are bad because of their radiation. They give off so much UV that the makers decided to put filters on them. The result is too little UV.


In conclusion, these bulbs are dangerous! Avoid them! Itís sad because on their package the warnings are missing or reworded.


Fancy colored bulbs


These are just once again, pointless. Unless you need nighttime heat, just ignore these bulbs and their packaging.


Heat rocks, Heat tape, Heat caves, whatever.


These are dangerous due to burns, fever, or DEATH. Anoles Like these heaters because their warm but ignore that. Youíre the one with the brain and I know enough to tell you donít get them! The anole will sit on it for hours and get burned. Donít get them whatever [they] say.

Vitamin D Supplements


These products are bad because they contain too much D3. They even say the amount is perfect! Donít think you could bypass the need for UV with sun drops or something. Itís just too intense for their little bodies. Just to put it short, skip the Nocti drugs. Let the anole produce its own D.



Terrarium kits


These are terrible! Most of the stuff in there is dangerous or pointless. Make your own terrarium.



In conclusion, those are the things you should avoid.