There are many, many, choices out there when it comes to climate. Ill try to shorten the list for you. The temp in the basking spot should be at least 850F. These are the best lights I could find.


Heat & Basking Bulbs


Ceramic heat Emitters

I like these. You donít need a timer or anything. Since they donít give off light, it wonít mess up your animalís photo pattern. (The sleeping schedule)




Basking Bulbs

These are nice for the day since theyíre bright like the sun. Since they give of light, the lizard can make its vitamin D. I recommend these if you are willing to get a timer.









Night Bulbs

You should only use these if you need heat at night. I prefer the Ceramic heat emitter myself but theyíre expensive.



UV Bulbs


Florescent UV Bulbs

There is Only one UV bulb that met the anoleís needs and that is the Repti Sunô 5.0. A lizard needs UV light because thatís the range they see in. Without UV, colors look big and distracting to them. UV also stabilizes the reptiles metabolism therefore is vital to them.


††††††††† But lizards donít have a UV light outside.


Thatís because the sun gives off UV.


UVAó the range that the reptile sees in

UVBó the radiation that stabilizes the lizardís metabolism

UVCó the radiation that burns eyes and sizzles skin [bad]


However, light bulbs lose their ability to emit UV after only 6 months so you have to replace it often.


To keep it short, Use the Repti Sunô 5.0 Florescent light for UV. Oh yeah, and also, Donít get those screw-in fluorescents; they donít give off that much UV.



Light Sockets


Dome Lamp

The dome lamp socket is the most widely used. It is also the most efficient. Just place or clamp it on the lid of the cage. You can get them cheap at Home Depot or something.




Aquarium Lid

Yup, an aquarium lid. Use this for the UV bulb.


††† †††††But how do I put the heating bulb in?


Just flip up the side door and place a thin dome lamp socket on it.






Best Bet

What If the dome and the lid donít fit?

If the two donít fit, get a screen lid. Also, get a florescent light holder. Now place the two on top of the screen and tape. Viola!††





Like all herps, Anoles need humidity. Simply take a spray bottle & misting the cage 1-2 times a day to achieve this.