There are some substrates that are bad and some that are good for†† your anole. Iíll tell you which are which.

Bad Substrate


It may look pretty and it is easy cleanup but donít be fooled. These lizards arenít desert animals and sand isnít ok if ingested. Even if the package says calci sand or something. Itís not good.



Another bad choice. They give splinters and they also have high dust content. This may hurt your anoleís respiratory system.

Wood Chippings

Yet, another bad choice. Pine or Cedar, I donít care. They give off too many fumes that may stress your anole.


Outdoor Grass

This is bad because it could be fertilized, poisoned, or just too dirty. You really donít want anything from outdoors in your terrarium. Unless its just a rock that you sterilized. Iíl talk about this on my tank setup page.


Fake Grass

Itís ok if you want to clean it 7 days a week. However, this is bad because the stiffness of the blades. Anoles have been known to lose circulation in the limbs due to sleeping on it. Try to avoid this.



Walnuts, Peas, Corn, Etc.

These are bad Ďcause their like pebbles. Their deadly if ingested. Also, they mold when water touches them.

These are obviously wrong.



Compressed Blocks

These are like bark & chippings, as I told you, their bad.

These blocks are actually like compressed powder. Thatís like nuclear waste to an anole!


Good Substrate


You heard me, Dirt. But be careful! This is no ordinary top or potting soil. This dirt has to be unseeded, unfertilized, and it canít have any plant food in it. These things are very bad for your anole. So, find some good dirt for your lizard and DONíT GET IT FROM OUTSIDE!


Unprinted Newspaper/ Tissue paper

Yes, newssheet is great for your anole. Arranged with the right furniture, it looks nice too. This doesnít mean go to your recycle box and go get some paper. Newsprint makes your anoleís stomach black. It also affects itís insides. So, go buy news-sheet at your nearest craft store.

Jungle Mix

A mixture of 95% chopped coconut husk, 4% washed grass, 0.5% sand, and 0.5% chopped hay. My anoles like it and yours will too.