The Tank Setup

Furniture makes your cage look nice. It also simulates normal life for your anole. But donít just throw a rock in there and leave it. Youíll need to do some shopping.

Furniture from Outside

The only thing youíll want from outside is a rock. A lumpy, round, sitting rock. Just make sure you sterilize it before offering it to your anole.


Rocks & Sticks

You might want to get a flat rock for basking. For this try going to Pets Mart ô or something. Anoles like to sit on sticks. Driftwood is nice.


Plants are a nice addition. Fake vines have my opinion. Theyíre strong, always green, and donít have to be watered. The anole can climb on them. It again simulates outdoor life.


Real Plants

I donít recommend real plants because some saps can be harmful to the anole. Iím not saying donít get them. Iím just saying you should do some research if you want real plants.



You know, those little hollow logs that look like an arch.

Donít get them. Most of them are made of pine trees. This is bad because the bark is too flaky and they tend to leak sap. And you know how sticky pinesap is. So try to avoid them.



For my tank I have made a nice cave out of modeling clay. What is nice about clay is you can design the cave any way you want. Sculpty oven-dry clay works best. You can get it at your local craft store.



Setup is Important. The tank setup is vital to the life of the anole. It must have a hot spot, a cool spot, and a in-between spot.


Ill try to help you with the setup. Iíll give you examples and such. SoÖ hereís an example.


The red area should be the basking area. It should be furnished with bare branches that go about 2/3 the height of the cage. Flat rocks are ok here too. Temp should be 85 to 90 ļF. The green portion is the middle of the tank. Here plants and branches can begin to tangle. The temperature should be 75 to 80 ļF here. The blue end, the opposite far end, should be mostly plants. This will be the cool end ranging between 70 to 75ļF. Here is where water should be placed.