Who is Who?

Green Anole

The green anole is part of the species called anolis carolinensis. Males are generally larger than females at around 7” snout to ail (STT). The greenies have a longer nose then the brownies and can also flip/flop from green to brown. They’ll do it when there stressed, ill, cold, angry, you get the picture. They live in northern Florida and in some states above.

Brown anole

The brown anole is a part of the species called anolis sagri. Again, males are larger than females at 7” STT. They have a blunter nose and can flip/flop from brown to black. They live in southern Florida and have been pushing the green anoles north ever since they came.

Boy or Girl?


Males have a small fan under their neck called a dewlap. This is inflated to scare away enemies or attract mates. Some females have them also, but they are very small and stubby.





Many Anoles in pet stores are being abused. They are overcrowded & are being neglected. I feel sorry for those little lizards. Many of them die just getting to the pet store.