Feeding is an important issue. Many books say feed your anole whatever you find. This is very wrong.

Most foods you find are unsuitable for your anole. Thatís a fact because theyíre too big or too unhealthy. The food canít be bigger than your anoleís head.



You should vary your anoleís diet. The lizard gets board after a while so have more than just one food in it. Only put in one thing at a time in the cage. Donít have a colony of insects!


Canned food

This is bad because all the people do is kill a cricket and soak it in vitamins. They say itís a healthy anole diet. Wrong. Vitamins arenít good for an anole at every meal. And the anoles donít eat it.




Worms are nice for your anole, except most are too large. They are also very fattening. But baby silkworms are pretty good. You can get them over the internet. Just be careful; they grow fast. Butter worms and Wax worms are very healthy except for the fact that they are extremely fattening. You might want to use these rarely or just leave them in the dust. Super worms, forget it. Theyíre super; Way too big for an anole.




These are best for your anole, very widely used. Just keep in mind the size factor: The food canít be larger than your anoleís head. Crickets are very stupid however, they often drown themselves in the water bowl. Then the anole wonít eat them.



Baby Cockroaches

Yup. These things. They are very easy to keep and theyíll eat anything. Thereís only one species I recommend and thatís the Nauphoeta cinerea A.K.A. lobster roach, Cuban brown roach, and so on. If you go to a store, make sure you ask for the Nymph Nauphoeta cinerea. And donít get them from your house.


Gerber Anole Food.

Yes! Baby food! Anoles love fruit flavors like peach. Just put a slap on a plastic container lid. They mold quick so if your lizard shows no interest in a hour or two throw it away.