Youd better leave breeding to the pros. The eggs are hard to incubate. The babies are really hard to care for. And youll need 2 10-gallon tanks to hold the boys and girls. Its just too hard. If You already have babies, here is care information.

Incubation & Care of Hatchlings 

Eggs must be incubated soon after they are laid. Pick the eggs up without turning them; place them in the same position in which they were found. Use vermiculite or some type of soil that allows for ventilation. A Tupperware box with holes punched in the lid will keep them warm and will provide some air- flow. The substrate must be kept moist but not wet, and temperatures should be around 85F, for about 40 days.


Baby anoles are tiny and must not be kept with adults. Adults may or may not eat them, but the babies will refuse to eat because the adults intimidate them. Pinhead crickets, gut-loaded and dusted are needed; they eat very soon after hatching. If it's possible to find pinhead sized , those are good foods for the babies. They should grow up to be healthy adults if the diet is adequate for growth. However, many do not make it